Mrs Sonali Ghanekar- Excise manager

Associated with IIS Since Past 16 Years, It has always been a pleasure of working in this organization & give a sense of working for & with a family I remember that when I had join this organization we used to have a software like “ WordStar, Lotus, MTNL coding mail system , T fat” etc which young generation might have not known about it also but now we are moving ahead in the preparation for SAP implementation which is really remarkable & shows that company is growing further & makes us assure that we will grow with company too. The Strength of this organization is Mr Sumit Gala, Director whose continuous capital investment in technology development & training of employees carves the way for A bright Future.


Prashant Panchal- QC manager

Associated with IIS Since Past 3 Years, It feels nice to work with IIS, Currently I'm able to explore new learning opportunities day in day out. Factors such as Freedom of Speech, Learning opportunities, Financial Growth of an Individual, Growth of Status & development of Organization etc. has kept me bonded with this organisation Since a Long time.
IIS Has Given Stability to my career, strength & Support to achieve all Targets & Goals in my Personal as well as Professional Life.