IIS Manufactures & Supplies Tension Spring as per DIN 2095 & IS 7906

Tension Springs Also known as Extension Springs are helical wound Coil springs usually designed with hooks, loops or end coils. The main use of a Tension spring is to absorb or store Energy along with creating a resistance to the pulling force, the Spring gets Stretched as the Load is applied to it.
IIS Manufactures Tension Springs starting from 0.2mm wire diameter to 20mm wire diameter , OD up to 300mm and length 2000mm.
Spring Materials
Common spring materials include stainless steel, alloy steels, carbon steels and some non-ferrous materials. IIS also produces spring from Exotic material like Inconel X-750, Inconel 718, Nimonic 90, Monel, Nimonic, Hastelloy, Beryllium copper etc.

Tolerances are as per IS 7906 or DIN 2095
Surface coating
IIS offer a variety of coating on springs like Mechanical Zinc plating, Zinc Electro plating, Nickel Plating, Electrolesss Nickel plating, Geomet, Daromet coating, Cadmium plating, Powder coating, Epoxy painting  etc.

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